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Weha Stone & Granite Handling Equipment

DIACO, LLC. carries a variety of Weha  Abaca stone handling equipment and granite countertop and granite slab handling equipment to included stone slab dollies, granite slab transport racks, truck A-frames for transporting granite slabs and granite countertop pieces, stone and granite fabrication tables and other stone handling, granite countertop fabrication and transportation equipment.

Prices do not include shipping.  You will be contacted for shipping charges.


Weha & Abaca Stone Handling & Slab Lifers

Abaco 50 Heavy Duty Lifter-Black Rubber



Light and compact construction.
Reinforced pressure plate for even safer handling
Abaco is the industry standard for slab lifters.
Unbreakable center plate
Sturdy, Strong, Safe
Strong lifting pin
Lower overall height
Includes swivel shackle
Black Rubber
Load capacity: 2646 lbs
Height 14"
Claw Width: 0.6"-2"
External clamping Jaw: 0.9"
Weight 44 lbs

Abaco 75 Heavy Duty Lifter-Black Rubber



Light and compact construction.
Reinforced pressure plate for even safer handling
Ideal for the easy extraction from tight bundles
Load capacity: 2646 lbs
Height 16"
Claw Width: 1.2"-3"
External clamping Jaw: 0.9"
Weight 62 lbs

Weha Adjustable Angle Telescopic Boom



Convert  your fork-lift truck into a mobile crane! With telescopic extensions, 4 times adjustable
in height, suitable for loading work and transportation. Stabilizer. Completely hot galvanized.
Universal, suitable for any fork-lift truck. New: more lifting possibilities through new
hook positioning. A safety chain protects it from slipping off the fork.

Weha R 1500 Stone Slab Lifter



Heavy-duty slab grab, very robust with galvanized surface. Jaws and other contact surfaces
are completely rubber coated. A return spring keeps it in the vertical position. When the
slab is being put down, a locking mechanism (patended) locks automatically.

Weha Bison Slab Storage Rack Set- 10' long



The Weha Bison Slab Rack Storage Set is the SAFEST slab storage rack on the market.
Each pole comes with its own individual angle bracket for setting the correct angle on the poles. This reduces excess stress on the poles and takes the guess work out of the workers hands.
Stout Galvanized Steel Square Tubing Uprights. 60" tall to reduce slab angle force.
Internal steel reinforcement for extra stability and strength.
Top caps
Comes with:
2 10' long base beams
16- 60" uprights with angle brackets

Weha Magnum Slab Storage Rack Set- 10' long



Safe stacking of stone slabs, prevents from breakages and accidents. Easy taking of the slabs by means of a slab grab.
Strong rails and pipes for high stability.
Comes with:
2 10' base rails
16 2 x 4 x 6" poles
Hot galvanized surface.
Pipes with PVC protecting caps.
•Length of rail..10‘
•Length of tubes (16pcs.). 5‘
•Pipes dimensions.2“ x 4“
•Weight..904 lbs


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