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Granite Countertop Tools, Diamond Saws, Granite Polishers

DIACO, LLC. is a supplier of Granite Countertop Tools, Diamond Saws, Granite Polishers for the granite and stone industries from the brands you trust like DIACO, Gison, Red Ripper and others. We have the best granite countertop tools, diamond saws, granite saws, granite polishers, and other granite and stone working tools on the market.  We also carry the replacement parts for all the granite countertop tools and stone working tools we sell. Below are samples of our best selling saws and tools, from our complete line of granite countertop and stone working tools.  Call 706-988-8501 today for any requirement.

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Track Saws, Rail Saws, Hercules Router, Red Ripper Routers, Blue Ripper Saws

Diaco Portable Profiling Router, PR30



Diaco Portable Profiling Router is designed to profile and polish the edges of stone countertop slabs. It is a light duty router machine with variable speed control. Rubberized grips, Splash guard, quick disconnect water hose attachment. Weighing only 30 pounds, it is very easy to use on any job site.
Click photo for more information.

Diteq Track Saw, Manual


Teq-Track IV-M

Teq Track IV, Push-Pull Manual Model. Includes 8 1/4 worm drive, expandable rails, bevel cut,  locking device for plunge cutting, light weight and portable, major improvements made: stronger carriage, double rollers and (2) handles. Click photo for more info.

Diteq Track Saw, Self Propelled


Fas-Track SP

Fas Track Track Saw Features: Saw never touches material, expandable rails, Cuts 3-3/4" thick material,  Bevel cut, 45 or 50 degrees. Self propelled, Two 7' rail set, (cuts up to 14') two clamps, four locking shoes, connector plate and carriage-mounted motor.  Locking device for plunge cutting.  Light weight and portable.  Optional vacuum system anchors rails to materials. Uses 12"diamond blades. 15 Amp motor, 115Volts, 1" arbor.  Depth of cut 3-3/4". 

TEQ-TILE PRO 2400 Tile Saw



1-1/2”HP DITEQ TEFC Motor w/thermal overload
• 24” rip cutting length
• 16” diagonal
• Cast aluminum cutting table
• Removable plastic pan
• Heavy duty water pump
• Two position cutting head
• Cast aluminum front & side table extensions
• Blade capacity is from 6” - 10”, including 6”
profile wheels
• 12’6” electrical cord with plug
• Belt tensioning knob
• Removable blade shaft assembly
• Blade shaft lock
Click photo for more information

Diteq TEQ-Vac Dust Containment System


Diteq VAC

Will not exhaust dust (no need to clean twice), • No need to change filters when changing from wet to dry pick up (used to be a real hassle), • Filters can be cleaned without removing the lid (takes 30 seconds to do), • Excellent on all fine dust: Drywall, Concrete, Sawdust, etc, • All the tools including the hose are stored on the vacuum (how convenient),  • The drain can be regulated from a drip to full flow when emptying liquids.   Suction hose can be used as a drain hose. (You can actually hit the floor drain.), • Automatic air shut off for wet pickups, • Patented double filter system, • Designed for the contractor

Gison GPW-510A Air Profiling Machine (outside)



Pneumatic Edge Milling Machine (Inside / Outside). Used for milling inside sink cutouts or outside of granite countertops.  Features 9,000 rpm, 2.5 HP Motor.  Click Photo for more information.

Blue Ripper Rail Saw 3HP 220Volt



Blue Ripper™ Rail Saw 3HP 220Volt. Fastest cutting saw on the market today! At 10+ feet per minute through 2cm of "Absolute Black" granite, the Blue Ripper™ is as fast (or faster,) as some bridge saws, but is a lot more portable and versatile. And since the Blue Ripper™ also cuts right next to the rail, setup is easy and fast.  Click photo for more information.

Blue Ripper Rail Saw 2HP 110/220Volt



Blue Ripper™ Rail Saw 2HP 110/220Vt
Do you want the speed, the accuracy, and the quality of work of multi-thousand dollar bridge saws at a FRACTION of their cost? The Blue Ripper Rail Saw delivers that and much more.  Click photo for more information.

Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw



Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw
The Blue Ripper Jr. makes full plunge cuts up to 4 cm in depth. By using the rail system there is no need to use gauges, shims or offset measurements. You'll have the accuracy and smoothness, but at half the cost. If either weight or budget are your main concerns, this is the saw you need. Click photo for more information.

Red Ripper SR. Router 3HP 220 Volt



Red Ripper Router 3HP 220 Volt
This is the best stone router available. With our unique NWS belt drive you can cut harder and faster with a 2hp motor than with a basic flat belt and a 5hp motor. This results in less cost to you now and in the future!   Click photo for more information.

Red Ripper SR. Router 2HP 110 Volt



Red Ripper Router
This is the best stone router available. With our unique NWS belt drive you can cut harder and faster with a 2hp motor than with a basic flat belt and a 5hp motor. This results in less costs to you now and in the future!  Click photo for more information.

Red Ripper Jr. Router



Red Ripper Jr.™ Router
Built for grinding and polishing sinks and prefab work, this little router is a serious workhorse for it's size and weight. With a coolent-through industrial grade spindle, variable speed motor, hydro-float base, adjustable spindle height, and more this little router complements the Blue Ripper Jr.™ perfectly.   Click photo for more information.

DIACO Air Waterfed/Wet Sander,Polisher



DIACO DPW 218Air Waterfed/Wet Sander,Polisher (5000rpm, Rear Exhaust) used for polishing granite. Several sizes available. Click photo for more information.


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