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sink wheels, Metal Bond, Sink Wheel Polishing, Economy Sink Wheels

sinkwheelmetalDIACO, LLC. is a supplier Superabrasive brand sink wheels. Our sintered metal bond sink wheels are ideal for starting the polishing process. They run very smooth and create a chip-free edge on both marble and granite. The 5/8-11 threaded sink wheels can be used wet or dry. These high-quality wheels are unsurpassed in stock removal and longevity. Superabrasive’s polishing sink wheels work very fast and create a perfect polish on sink cut-outs and other flat surfaces. Being center water fed, they produce excellent finish on natural and engineered stone. The economy sink wheels reasonably priced economy sink polishing wheels achieve excellent finish on all types of stone. Their quality and durability makes them a great buy.  Call 706-988-8501 today for any requirement.

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Sink Wheels, Metal Bond, Polishing, Economy

Sink Wheel Kit

Sink kit designed to work with our Red Ripper Jr. or any sink machine that has a 7/8" boss and coolant-through spindle. This kit has everything you need to create the perfect sink for your client.  Includes Z-40 Coarse (Metal-bond) , Z-40 Fine (Vacuum brazed), Oscillating Head,
Oscillating Polisher 400 grit,
Oscillating Polisher 800 grit,
Oscillating Polisher 1500 grit,
Oscillating Polisher 3000 grit.


Sink Wheel, Metal Bond

Sink Wheel, metal bond, 2"x 2", 5/8-11 or M14 attachment
Select Grit from Dropdown Menu.


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Sink Wheel, Polishing

Sink Wheel, Polishing, Resin, 2"x 2", 5/8-11 or M14 attachment


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Sink Wheel, Economy

Sink Wheel, Economy, Resin, 3"x 2", 5/8-11 or M14 attachment


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Sink Wheel, Economy

Sink Wheel, Economy, Resin, 2"x 2", 5/8-11 or M14 attachment


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