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Sludge processing, DIACO FD-003 Plate Filter Press

Plate Filter Water Sludge Separator from Diaco Innovations      

DIACO FD-003 Plate Filter Sludge Separator & Water Filtration System

New plate filter press systems from DIACO, LLC. are now available to improve the stone industry’s ability to more efficiently and effectively process sludge during mining and manufacturing of stone products.

For years, the manufacturing and stone industries have been plagued by how to deal with sludge and wastewater treatment. Water is used as a lubricant during mining and sawing applications during the production of granite slabs, granite monument blocks, granite countertop fabrication and other stone industry manufacturing processes. The runoff of the sludge made up of stone particulate and water is an environmental challenge, and costly to the manufacturing process.

Hydraulic plate filter systems technology is now available to make the process of separating the solids from the sludge easier and efficient. The result is captured solids in cake form to be recycled or disposed of as solid waste, and filtered water that can be reused or treated to help meet environmental standards.

The plate filter press works like a giant hydraulic accordion to squeeze the water out of the sludge. The process works by pumping the sludge into a series of chambers lined with cloth filters in the plate filter press machine. When the chambers are full of sludge, the system automatically starts the hydraulic compression of the chambers to squeeze the water out of the chamber leaving behind a solid cake of material. The hydraulic system then reverses to open the chambers and drop the cakes onto a conveyor that transports them to an awaiting collection bin for recycling or disposal.

DIACO, LLC. is a leading provider of large stone industry machines and now has the newest models of plate filter presses designed especially for the stone industry. If you have more questions about the newest plate filter press technology or want more technical specifications for these systems, call Heath at DIACO, LLC., 706-988-8501.

Purpose: Liquid/solids separation through pressure filtration.

This Plate Filter Sludge Separator & Water Filtration System is used to process and separate solids from sludge in the mining industry and other industries. This hydraulic plate filter sludge processing system uses the highest technology hydraulic plate filter process to press the water from the sludge and automatically form cakes that can be recycled of disposed of as waste. The sludge is pumped into the filter press chambers and the filtrate is pressed through the filter clothes as pumping pressure increases. The sludge is strained and retained inside the press chambers and released as a sludge cake after a press run.  The system is computer controlled and automatically filters the sludge, adjusts hydraulic pressure, opens and releases the cakes onto a built-in conveyer that moves it to a catch bin.  The filtered water is cleaned to meet wastewater requirements or recycled for industrial use. 


Mobile and integrated modular design.
No chemical additives/polymer needed.
The pressed sludge cake is collected by conveyors and transported to the dedicated location/storage bins.
Applicable to various sludge and processing applications.


The main frame is constructed of carbon steel and all structural steel is sand blasted, primed and painted with corrosion resistant epoxy coating.
Both sidebars of FD type model are made of medium carbon steel unity. The clearance can be self-adjusted according to the pressures, without the worries of stress concentration and cracks at the welding points.
Filter plate is made of high tension reinforced polypropylene and manufactured by CNC.
The oil pump with auto-compensate feature can adjust the oil hydraulic systems when pressure varied to maintain the standard pressure for full-enclose.
A second air compression system provides high pressure continuously to force the sludge layer inside the press chamber to accelerate moisture discharge and enhance water separation efficiency.


Stone/Clay/Ceramic Processing Industry.
PC Board Industry/Electroplating Industry.
Solvents and Process Solution Clarification.
Reduction of Metal Finishing Waste.
Oil Field Slurry.
Chemical Product Processing.
Food and Beverage Processing.
Metal Finishing Waste.
Tanning/Leather Processing.

Several Sizes of Plate Filter Water Filtration Machines are available for various applications.


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