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NEW PCL 600i BRIDGE SAW, SPECIAL!! $42,000.00!!!!"

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BRIDGE SAW for sale

Automatic PLC Bridge Saw Granite Countertop Fabrication

        • Fully Automatic Cutting
        • PLC Control and Convenient Operation
        • 0-360 Degree Work Platform Rotation
        • Hydraulic Work Table Tilts 85 Degrees
        • Accepts 350-600mm Saw Blades


The PLC 600i CNC Bridge Saw accepts up to a 600mm diameter diamond saw blades. The PLC 600i is a PLC controlled bridge saw. All operations are executed either manually by the operator or automatically by the program carrying out parallel cuts with a maximum of 8 different dimensions (repeatable). The control panel has an LCD display mounted on the right hand side of the machine. The control panel is positioned such that it makes it easy for the the operator to control the machine when the stone is being positioned. The saw has a 0-45 degree tilting blade head. Made in China.

  • TECHNICAL PARAMETERS (To convert mm to inches multiply mm x .0394)
    • Diameter of cutting piece 350mm - 600mm
    • Dimension of working platform 3000mm x 2000mm
    • Maximum cutting distance 3200mm
    • Maximum vertical blade travel 460mm
    • Maximum vertical travel distance for 450 edge rounding 325mm
    • Power of main electric motor 15kw
    • General power 19.45kw
    • Location angle for cutting (optional) 00, 450, 900, 1800, 270,0
    • Angle for cutting 00 - 450 0
    • Working platform 00 - 360 adjustable
    • Water consumption 2m3/h (water pressure>0.2Mpa)
    • Total weight 6000kg
    • Machine overall size(L x W x H) 6000mm x 5200mm x 3300mm


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