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Used Bridge Saws

DIACO, LLC. has many used Bridge Saws, block saws and other stone saws ready for immediate delivery.  Check below for Stone Machine information and specifications.  Call Heath at 706-988-8501
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Used Bridge Saws For Sale - Good Condition.  Manufactured 2006
Sheng Da 625 $25000

These bridge saws were in good operating condition when disassembled.  Saws look like the photo above when installed. Saws are sold as is and buyer pays shipping. Price $25,000 each which is half the new price.

Dimensions: 240" L  x 120" W x  120" H  Weight: 10,000 Lbs
Features: 79" x 126" Tilting table via a 3 HP hydraulic pump motor. 15 kW main saw motor (380 Volt...transformer included), tilts 0 - 45 degrees, water cooled diamond blade.  Integrated control cabinet with "Touch Win" PLC controller, DC servo drive in the X-, Y- & Z-axis.
Power: 20 HP Motor
Max Blade: 600mm  More information and Photos



Used Bridge Saws For Sale - Good Condition Manufactured 2003
CMS Brembana Flexa-625 Bridge Saw
2006) CMS Flexa 625 bridge saw with 20 HP saw motor for 24" diameter diamond blade with hydraulic tilt table, tilting saw head from -15 degree to 105 degree, laser, repeat cut pattern and steel A-frames for transport
More information and Photos


Cms Flexa625 bridge saw

Used Bridge Saw For Sale - Good Condition. Manufactured 1989
Zorzan Europe 3500 Bridge Saw $Sold
Zorzan specifications:
Heavy duty cast iron bridge, rails & table
25 HP 220volt 60 Hz 3 phase motor
Table turns manually but does not tilt
Manually tilting head from 90 degrees to horizontal
Digital display that shows cutting dimension & speed
Wired remote control
Manually 360 degree rotating table that can be locked in any position
Automatically programmable step-down thickness cutting
Max length of cut = 11-6 Max transverse cut = 11-6
More information and Photos


Used bridge saw for sale Zorzan

Used Bridge Saw For Sale$Sold
Fixed Bridge Dimensioning Saw
Spielvoigel Model 346 SCH
19 0 Wide, 10 4 High, Cross Travel 12 6
Length of Track 40 0 with 32 blade
Includes 3 table, 1 motorized, 1 permanent, 1 turn by hand
Serial # 3466CHNR3852
Fabrication Year Unknown



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