Bridge Saw PLC 500 for Granite Countertop Fabrication

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Bridge Saw, DIACO PLC 500 Granite Countertops Bridge Saw

Bridge Saw, DIACO PLC 500 Granite Countertops Bridge Saw 


Shown with Optional Steel Prefab Walls Available at Extra Cost

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Bridge Saws For Granite Countertop Fabrication

The Diaco  PLC 500 Bridge Saw Bridge Saw used for granite countertop fabrication or other stone cutting is the most versatile cutting machine you can put in your shop for the money.  The DIACO PLC 500 Bridge Saw is controlled by microcomputer for fully automatic operations, and has a liquid crystal touch screen for easy operator interface. 

The tilting turn table can tilt at 85 degrees to load slabs and rotates 360 degrees automatically with with 5 stopping points.  Optional 0-360 locking system available.  This machine frame is constructed from cast iron for the highest quality and best stability of any machine of its size on the market. The main beam has been machined to perfect tolerances to give it extremely straight cuts, while absorbing any minor vibrations during normal use. The saw has a hydraulic locking unit to insure precise cut alignment and the gears run in a bath of oil for continuous lubrication.

Optional wireless remote control to allow operator to stand next to work piece during setup.

This machine is offered only through DIACO LLC, phone 706-988-8501. Call today for lease or purchase options.

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Diameter of cutting piece   350mm - 500mm
Specification of working platform 3200mm*2000mm
Maximum cutting distance 3200mm
Maximum travel of vertical cutter's ascending and descending 180(350)/160(400)/120mm(500)
Maximum vertical distance for 450 edge rounding 145(350)/130(400)/90mm(500)
Power of main electric motor 11kw
General power 17.75kw
Location angle for cutting (optional) 00, 450, 900, 1350, 1800, 2250, 2700, 3600
Angle for cutting 00 - 450
Working platform  00 - 3600 adjustable
Water consumption 2m3/h (water pressure>0.2Mpa)
Total weight 5000kg
Appearance and dimension of machine(L x W x H)  6000mm*6000mm*3300mm

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