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Bridge Saw, DIACO 5 CNC Bridge Saw

Bridge Saw for sale 

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Bridge Saws For Granite Countertop Fabrication

The Diaco 5 is a  PRECISION 360 Bridge Saw with a steel single-block structure for machining marble and granite with 4+1 interpolated axes with high-precision extremely fast bi-rotary head. Its distinctive characteristic is that it operates with interpolated axes with bi-rotary head from 0 to 360 axis C and from 0 to 90 axis A (only displayed, turned with handwheel, for positioning, 5 axis A automatic as optional), using the disc. The NC with 15” colour industrial touchscreen PC can control 4+1 interpolated axes with X (trolley), Y-V (bridge) in “gantry”, Z (head), C (head rotation) and A (head inclination). The PC is supplied with a QWERTY keyboard, mouse, Ethernet socket, 2 USB ports and Windows XP operating system.

Axis motor drives are all Brushless with Ethercat system with absolute encoder drive for RTCP movements in order to always be tangent to the items being machined. Every system is set up for teleassistance through Teamviewer.
To make the most of the capacity of PRECISION 360 we recommend using external CAD/CAM software such as TAGLIO 3DJ-5.

This machine is offered only through DIACO LLC, phone 706-988-8501. Call today for lease or purchase options.



axis X (trolley) stroke: 3500 mm
axis Y-V (bridge) stroke: 2400 mm (axis in gantry)
axis Z (head) stroke: 430mm
inclination head axis A: 0/90 manual
rotation head axis C: 0/360 automatic
power of spindle motor 17 Hp
red cut-marking laser 25 mW
effective cutting size 180 mm
max. disc diameter 550 mm
ISAC numerical control with 15” colour touchscreen in 4+1 interpolated axes
max. overall dimensions 6500x4200x(h)3200 mm
CAD/CAM TAGLIO 3DJ-5 (optional)
table tipping maximum 3000kg (optional)
connection for candle filter through gas on spindle shaft (optional)
motorized 5 axis A automatic inclination (optional)
spindle motor inverter speed 0-4000rpm (optional)


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