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Diamond Router Bits (Plastic) for Portable Countertop Routers

plasticrouterbits150DIACO, LLC. is a supplier of parts and accessories for granite countertop tools, diamond saws, granite polishers, and large machinery for the granite and stone industries. We carry quality parts including diamond saw blades, diamond impregnated plastic and steel router bits, diamond bead wire for wire saws, granite polisher heads and polishing pads, and other parts and accessories. We also carry the replacement parts for all the granite countertop tools and large stone working machinery we sell. Call 706-988-8501 today for any requirement.
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20MM, 30MM & 40M Diamond impregnated Plastic Router Bits for Portable Routers

Diamond Router Bit, Plastic, 20mm


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Diamond Router Bit, Plastic, 30mm


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Diamond Router Bit, Plastic, 40mm


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